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OpenAmeos 10.1 New Features

Composite structure tree view in the desktop

The overall composite structure is now visualized in the desktop:

Z-Ordering in diagrams

Nested symbols are now ordered based on their semantics. I.e. a part is always in front of a container class. Symbols on the same nesting levels can be pushed to back and front manually. This allows the creation of diagrams likes these:

The color of nested symbols is now also no longer a blend but the real color of the nested symbol.

Chooser for stereotypes

In order to quickly set one or more stereotypes for one or more symbols, there is now a new command "Select Stereotypes" in the context menu for symbols. This command can be applied on a multiple selection of symbols. Port symbol display marks

Port DisplayMarks

2 new DisplayMarks have been added to ports:

<, > or <> for a port with a stereotype Input, Output or IO respectively a _ beneath a port symbol to indicate a port with an existing but not displayed connector

Full autodrawing capability for composite structure diagram

The following commands were added to the composite structure diagram editor:

Draw nested parts (available for classes and parts) Draw attached ports (available for classes and parts) During autodraw, ports are aligned on the symbol's border bases on their stereotype (Input left, Output right, IO bottom) Draw connected ports (available for ports)

Note that autodraw can only go to a certain extent when considering an existing layout. If an autodraw command overwrites existing symbols, it can be undone in a single transaction, the diagram can be changed to "make space" and the autodraw command can be repeated.

Clone size drawing functionality

A new context menu command for symbols has been added which allows to clone the width, height or both of a given symbol.

select all object which should have the same size right click on the "source" object (with the desired size) select menu "Clone Size" from popup menu

Support for JSPWiki generation

Based on a user contribution, there is now a template to generate JSPWiki pages for class models. An example of such a Wiki is available through the ACD Metamodel Wiki. The Java code to upload the Wiki pages and diagrams to a Codebeamer server is available on request. The Codebeamer integration (in particular in regards to changelogs and Diffs) is still work in progress.

Performance improvements

Several improvements have been made to speed up drawing performance in the GDE. In particular, the following areas have been improved:

moving parts with many ports and connectors inserting new ports resacling symbols

Additionally, the memory allocation of the diagram canvas has been reduced, this should mostly affect multi-monitor usage

Miscellaneous features

Zoom in and out of a diagram with the mouse-wheel when the ctrl button is pressed Autodraw considers existing classes (i.e. draw superclasses creates a generalization link to an already existing class in a diagram) Textfields in property sheets can optionally be rendered as HTML Container symbols should not get selected when the compartment is clicked -> symbols can now optionally only selected by clicking on the label area (to avoid accidental selection inside compartments) This behavior can be switched on by setting a ToolInfo-Variable select_symbols_in_label_area_only=True Support for blanks in OpenAmeos installation and project directory paths