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OpenAmeos 10.0 New Features

UML 2.0 Support

  • Support for UML 2 Composite Structure Diagrams
  • Autodrawing for predefined ports (Screencast) (requires Adobe flash plugin)
  • Upgraded State Diagrams to UML 2
  • Support for inheritance in profile editor

Refactoring of Models

  • Copy/Move members between classes
  • Copy/Clone Class Members within a Class Provide functionality to clone entire classes

Tool Tips

  • Tooltips in Tree Browsers for symbols and Table cells
  • Icon tooltips in the desktop


  • Allow movement of GDE symbols by cursor keys Drag&Drop from desktop elements to GDE
  • Add a tree browser for profile definitions
  • Provide a dashed gray line from roles to their parent association while they are moved
  • Mouse over effects for current selection(s) while drawing
  • Provide generic linking between symbols and diagrams (Screencast) (requires Adobe flash plugin)

Templates and Import/Export

  • Improved Ada95 Templates and Profiles
  • New C# Templates
  • New Ecore Templates
  • Batch diagram export to SVG and PNG
  • XML parsing interface in QRL

Full ChangelogOpenAmeos

10.0 includes 58 enhancements and 155 bugfixes, the complete changelog for OpenAmeos 10.0 is available here