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Add Unicode Character Set to Sybase ASE

In order to store Unicode characters in a Sybase database, an additional character set needs to be added to the server for Sybase ASE 12.5 and 15. This page describes how to use syconfig on Windows and sqlloc on Linux to configure ASE.

Configure ASE with syconfig on Windows

Start syconfig.exe in directory $SYBASE\ASE-12_5\bin. In the window that comes up, click on 'Configure Adaptive Server', pick your server from the list and login to the server as the sa user. You will see the following Configure Adaptive Server window then.


Click on Language to get to the Language Options window.


Press Add/Remove below Character to open the Install Character Sets window.


Select Unicode in the list of available character sets, add it as an additional character set for the server and press OK.

Click on Set Default below Character Set in the Language Options window.


In the Change Default Characeter Set window select Unicode and press OK.

Leave the Configure Adaptive Server window by pressing OK and the press Save to update the server. This may take a while.

Configure ASE with sqlloc on Linux

Use the sqlloc utility to change the default character set, language, and sort order.

1. Source environment variables file. (SYBASE.csh or])

2. Execute $SYBASE/ASE-15_0/bin/sqlloc.

3. Select Configure Adaptive Server.

4. Select the Adaptive Server you want to configure.

5. Enter your login and password

6. Click Language to set the defaults for character sets, language, and sort orders

Pick UTF-8 from the list and press OK. The new character set will now be installed to the server and becomes the default character set. This takes a while.