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OpenAmeos ToolInfo Variables

Variable NameDefault ValueDescription
acd_output_dir${projdir}\${system}\src_filesDefault output directory for ACD templates
acd_source_map_filesrc_files\srcmapThe source map file for the ObjectAda integration
acd_temp_dir${env.TMP}Location of ACD temporary files Note: In a multi-user installation this has to be a directory unique to the user (i.e. the home directory)
Ada_code_genTrueEnable Ada95 Templates in the Desktop CodeGen menu
ada_revenge_option-v -q -a -83Flags for ObjectAda/ASIS based Ada Reverse Engineering -v : verbose messages -q : used to avoid duplicate class name conflict -83 : parse Ada83 code -a : generate one common ddl file (do not change) ada_revenge_option=-v -q -a -83
all_ameos_file_pathtemplates/uml;templates/ct;templatesRules/QRL search path used for OpenAmeos
ameos_doc_pathInstallDir/DocumentationLocation of the Online Help (CHM and PDF)
ameos_ndt_files<some path>Set this variable to a path which holds common default note description templates these files get copied to <projdir>/ameos_ndt_files during system creation in case there is no ameos_ndt_files directory yet in <projdir> ameos_ndt_files=<some path>
apache_batiknullPath to Apache Batik (SVG2PNG converter), i.e. C:/Ameos/Utils/Batik/batik-rasterizer.jar
baseline_excludenullOptional list of files that should not be added to a baseline
baseline_include*.prso;qrl_files/tdl/*;qrl_files/qrl/*;qrl_files/product.ext/*;src_files/*Additional file extensions for some file which should always be added to a system baseline. All these files extensions are created by qrl scripts. .prso, is the file containing the printer settings. qrl_files/tdl contains the 'General' settings for the code generators qrl_files/qrl contains the 'General' settings for the document generation qrl_files/product.ext contains the 'Script Parameters' settings for both types
baseline_path${projdir}/baselineDefault directory for OpenAmeos Baselines, i.e. C:/CVSWorkspace/AmeosBaselines
block_empty_rep_trash_on_locksFalsePrevent empty repository trash to ask for confirmation to go ahead if there are existing locks (if set, it will always terminate instead)
C_code_genTrueEnable C Templates in the Desktop CodeGen menu
classpath<classpath1>;<classpath2>;<your_root_project_directory>When reverse engineering Java source, e.g. (Java Source (precompiled) and Java Source), the classpath to the user and system libraries must be set properly. You may set them to the CLASSPATH system environment variable and in addition to it with the classpath TI variable (classpath TI variable is *appended* to the CLASSPATH environment variable). Modify this variable if you want to add custom class paths to the CLASSPATH environment variable. If you use Java Source (precompiled), you must add the path to the class files (the compiled source files) to your classpath, if you want them to be resolved properly. If you don't do that, some of the classes won't be resolved, errors will be produced and the model generated won't be correct. The Java Source (precompiled) is used for reverse engineering classes that are already compiled by some tool. This is mostly the user's Java IDE. The reverse engineering relies on the already compiled sources to resolve class names, class modifiers, attributes, etc. You must add the root path of the compiled sources (the class files) to the class path by appending either the system CLASSPATH or the classpath TI variable. classpath=<classpath1>;<classpath2>;<your_root_project_directory>
COM_code_genFalseEnable COM Templates in the Desktop CodeGen menu (unsupported)
control_key_moving_distancenullDistance in pixels for moving symbols with cursor keys and Ctrl pressed (default=10)
Corba_code_genFalseEnable Corba Templates in the Desktop CodeGen menu (unsupported)
CorbaIDL_code_genFalseEnable Corba/IDL Templates in the Desktop CodeGen menu (unsupported)
cstyle_argumentsFalseOperation arguments in C-style Warning: currently this variable is experimental, some parts may not work
cursor_x_hot5Hotspot for insert cursor in horizontal pixels
cursor_y_hot5Hotspot for insert cursor in vertical pixels
cvsguinullSets CVS GUI (i.e. WinCVS), i.e. C:/WinCvs1.3/wincvs.exe
CVSROOTnullEnables CVS version control, i.e. ${env.CVSROOT}
Cxx_code_genTrueEnable C++ Templates in the Desktop CodeGen menu
default_chm_fileCommandReference.chmDefault Online Help File
doors_passwordnullThe Doors password (required if Doors should be started from Ameos)
doors_project/AmeosProjectThe Doors project - Note: Use the full notation including the first slash, i.e. /AmeosProject doors_project=/AmeosProject
doors_usernullThe Doors username (required if Doors should be started from Ameos)
draw_port_defs_onlyTrueAllow manual drawing of ports on classes only (ports on parts can only be inserted with autodrawing based on the port's type class and its ports)
EJB_code_genFalseEnable EJB Templates in the Desktop CodeGen menu (unsupported)
emf_font_scalenullFactor 0-1 to influence font scaling when copying diagrams to clipboard/EMF (-> MS Word etc.)
encode_html_descriptionsFalseSet this if you want to ASCII encode HTML Note Descriptions with xmllint (this is for instance required if you use a German MS-Word which does not properly encode all special characters when storing HTML)
error_colorFF0000Default color for error messages in message log in RGB value (default red)
font_max_size10The font maximum size to be used for diagrams (gde and printing)
font_min_size2The font minumum size to be used for diagrams (gde and printing)
font_name-adobe-arial-medium-r-normal-0-%d-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-1The font to be used for diagrams (gde and printing)
help_browsernullDefault HTML browser for online documentation
highlight_colorFF0000Color for mouse over indicators for active symbols (default red)
HIP_code_genTrueEnable HIP Templates in the Desktop CodeGen menu
invisible_class_membersFalsenew class members to be hidden from the diagram when created in the class table
Java_code_genTrueEnable Java Templates in the Desktop CodeGen menu
java_vm${env.JAVA_HOME}/jre/bin/classic/jvm.dllThe Java virtual machine. Specify a virtual machine library. Such libraries exist in the JRE directory. for JDK 1.3.x use java_vm=${env.JAVA_HOME}/jre/bin/classic/jvm.dll
java_vm_opts-D<option1> -D<option2>This variable describes additional options to the Java VM java_vm_opts=-D<option1> -D<option2>
javare_javac${env.JAVA_HOME}/bin/javac.exeThe java compiler. This is the fully qualified path to your java compiler that will be used for the Java Source plug-in.
javare_javac_outdir${projdir}${system}/src_filesThe java compiler output path. This is the directory where the java compiler will place the class files when compiling.
keep_partially_migrated_systemTrueKeep migration results even if the migration failed
lighter_factor0factor of lightening of color for filling, 0 - use the color without lightening, 1 - pure white (default: 0.9)
merge_pathInstallDir/templates/ct/mergePath for ACD merge configuration files
message_color000000Default color for info messages in message log in RGB value (default black)
migrate_no_quitnullDo not quit batch migration on errors
msgd_hostnullMSGD: Connect to the specified host instead of broadcasting.
msgd_portnullUDP port for msgd listener
msgd_tcp_portnullTCP port for msgd listener
msgd_udp_portnullUDP port for msgd listener
no_acd_warning_for_missing_class_defFalseSuppress the following kind of message when generating code: Error in model: object instance scope '...' has no corresponding class definition
no_true_for_empty_tagged_valuesFalseSkip tagged values with no values (if not set, a tag with an empty values gets generated as tag=True according to UML specs)
note_desc_editor<path>\winword .rtfEditor used to edit note descriptions if you want to use MS-Word and RTF files, you need to specify the temporary file extension like this: note_desc_editor=<path>\winword .rtf
oms_dbuser null Overrides the Sybase username as taken from the OS environment (e.g. USERNAME on Win32)
projdirInstallDir/ExamplesDefault project directory
Raven_code_genTrueEnable Raven Templates in the Desktop CodeGen menu
revenge_option-v -q -a -83Flags for ObjectAda/ASIS basesd Ada Reverse Engineering -v : verbose messages -q : used to avoid duplicate class name conflict -a -83 : parse Ada83
revletscom.aonix.javare.javlet.JavletCompile com.aonix.javare.javlet.Javlet com.aonix.javare.classlet.ClassletChange the following flags if you want to add custom reverse engineering plug-ins All the plug-ins are appended to the revlets variable which is a space separated list of available plug-ins. Each plug-in has a textual description which will appear in the parse source files dialog.
save_rep_buildnullRecover Sybase system repository in save (and slow) mode
script_editornotepad ${scriptpath}Editors used to edit TDL and QRL files and scripts
scriptman_external_editornotepad ${externalpath}Editors used to edit TDL and QRL files and script parameters
select_symbols_in_label_area_onlyTruedisable if you want the old behavior (symbols are selected anywhere)
site_scripts_pathnullPaths for your site specific QRL scripts which will show up in the scriptmanager as Site Scripts
site_templates_pathnullPaths for your site specific TDL scripts which will show up in the scriptmanager as Site Templates
sourcepath<fully_qualified_project_dir>Java Source Used to reverse engineer source files that have not yet been compiled. The reverse engineering module first compiles the sources and then reverse-engineers them. You should specify the root source path directory by adding a sourcepath TI variable. That variable with point to the starting directory where all your sources that are parsed are placed in. The sourcepath variable is typically the root source directory of your project sourcepath=<fully_qualified_project_dir>
sybbcp_textsize500000If you use very long textual descriptions for objects (eg. Microsoft Word HTML files) in some Sybase system, you should set the following variable to a size which is a little bit larger than the largest expected description. Otherwise descriptions within the repository get truncated to the default size of 65536. The value of this variable is given in bytes. sybbcp_textsize=500000
sys_create_dirsdirectory1;directory1/subdirectory;directory2a ; delimited list of directories which will be created inside the system directory of a new system
sys_delete_dirsdirectory1;directory1/subdirectory;directory2a ; delimited list of directories which will be deleted when the system gets deleted (any files in those directories will be deleted, too !)
syscreate_devicedefaultSybase device for data segments
syscreate_log_devicedefaultSybase device for log segments
syscreate_log_size4Initial size of log segment in new repository's Sybase database
syscreate_size8Initial size of Sybase databases
sysdestroy_delete_directoriesnulllist of ; delimiteddirectory names relative to the system directory which should be deleted when destroying a system
sysdestroy_delete_filesnulllist of ; delimited file names relative to the system directory which should be deleted when destroying a system
systemnullDefault system opened by OpenAmeos desktop and editors
tcp_keepalive_intvlnullTCP timeout parameter for msgd connections
tcp_keepalive_probesnullTCP timeout parameter for msgd connections
tcp_keepalive_timenullTCP timeout parameter for msgd connections
tdl_path<InstallDir>/templates/uml/tdl;<InstallDir>/templates/uml/tdl/Languages;<InstallDir>/templates/uml/tdl/UnsupportedSearch path for ACD TDL files
ToolInfonullForward reference for next ToolInfo file (fully qualified filename)
uclassd_show_navigability_on_both_endsFalseDisplay navigability arrows for bidirectional associations on both ends
uml_ameos_file_pathtemplates/uml;templates/ct;templatesRules/QRL search path used for OpenAmeos/UML
uml_profilesInstallDir/Profiles/uml_profileThe OpenAmeos system which defines all available UML Profiles, you can define multiple, semicolon separated systems.
use_doors_integrationFalseUncomment the next line to enable Ameos / Doors Integration.
use_us_papersizesFalseUse inches and US dimensions for paper sizes
use_version_controlFalseEnable version control integrations for baselining
VB_code_genFalseEnable VB Templates in the Desktop CodeGen menu (unsupported)
wincvsnullPath to WinCVS, i.e. C:/Programme/WinCvs1.3/wincvs.exe
XMI_code_genTrueEnable XMI Templates in the Desktop CodeGen menu