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Sometimes, it is helpful or necessary to perform certain maintenance tasks on a Sybase Server using an interactive SQL prompt, called isql.

This utility is installed with a Sybase Client installation and is located in <Sybase>\OCS-15_0\bin\isql.exe (here for ASE 15.x).

To run the command, you should normally first set the Sybase environment (unless this is sufficiently done by a previous Ameos/Sybase installation). The Sybase base directory has a script like ASE150.bat, run that command in a command prompt (or a similar *.env script on Linux).

Then, run isql:

isql -Usa -S<your server name>

<your server name> is the logical name of your Sybase Server as it appears when you create a new model in the Ameos desktop. The password you will be asked is the server's sa password (default = welcome), see this article on lost passwords.

The command shell can be terminated with

1> quit
2> go