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When working with IDEs or other separate tools, it is often helpful to be able to navigate into an OpenAmeos editor. A classical example are IDE integrations, where one can navigate from a class etc. in previously generated code into an OpenAmeos diagram.

OpenAmeos offers a generic interface to do this:

ameosem -p <projdir> -s <system> -ed <editor>
    -C "EditorQrlEval \"Nav2StP(\\\"<editor>\\\",\\\"<apptype>\\\",\\\"<name>\\\");\""

editor = uclassd|uusecased|ustated|...
apptype = UmlPackage|UmlClass|UmlOperation|...

For this command to work, the ToolInfo environment variable needs to be set and the systm path should include the OpenAmeos binary path.

With ameosem, it is possible to call any OpenAmeos QRL or internal function. For further details, search for "stpem" in the StP Customization Manual