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Message router problems are typically indicated by messages like the following when starting OpenAmeos:
Message Router not found. Attempting to start locally...
Could not find Message Router process. error: This could be caused by
a personal firewall, please consult the install guide for details.

(the OpenAmeos message router handles the communication between different OpenAmeos editors and is crucial for a correct installation)

In this case, check the following:

  • is a personal firewall blocking the message router (i.e. the windows firewall will typically ask if the message router is allowed to access the network) ?
  • is the value of the ToolInfo variable msgd_host in <OpenAmeos>/ToolInfo.W32NTX86 the name of the host as it can be reached by TCP/IP means on the network ? -> when in doubt, you can also use localhost or as msgd_host value for a standalone installation (just edit the file)
  • has the OpenAmeos Messager Router been successfully added to the machine's services ? If so, restart it after any change to the msgd_host variable in the ToolInfo file
  • if the above fails, open a command prompt in <OpenAmeos>/bin/W32NTX86 and type
msgd -#
(check with the task manager that no msgd.exe process is already running prior to that), if it can start, it should report something like
c:\OpenAmeos9.2.0\bin\W32NTX86>msgd -#

listening on port XPVMSP2 2295...
If not, please email the output to
  • if either the msgd service already runs or it can be started from the command prompt and OpenAmeos still can't connect, open a (2nd) command prompt in <OpenAmeos>/bin/W32NTX86 and type


and email the output to