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!!!Silent/scripted installation on Windows \\ OpenAmeos can also be installed in silent mode on Windows. First, create an info file with your chosen installation options like this: {{{<OpenAmeosInstaller.exe> /SAVEINF="C:\Temp\MyInstall.inf"}}} The file will look approximately like this: {{{[Setup] Lang=default Dir=C:\Tools\OpenAmeos10.3 Group=OpenAmeos 10.3 NoIcons=0 }}} (the values for the parameters can also be modified manually). After this, you can now run the installation in silent or very silent mode like this: {{{<OpenAmeosInstaller.exe> /LOADINF="C:\Temp\MyInstall.inf" /VERYSILENT}}} or {{{<OpenAmeosInstaller.exe> /LOADINF="C:\Temp\MyInstall.inf" /SILENT}}} For further details, see the [InnoSetup commandline options|http://www.jrsoftware.org/ishelp/index.php?topic=setupcmdline]