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At this point, we have three lists which document things which are under consideration for future development: * an overall [product roadmap|TRACKER:38] * a list of [Community Change Requests|TRACKER:52] * a list of specific [enhancement requests|REPORT:4508] The roadmap is no commitment that any of the features will be available in a particular version. We will however provide version indicators on this list as feedback comes in. The issues in all lists can be voted upon by using the little thumbs up/thumbs down icon in the upper right corner of a tracker item. Items in the roadmap can also be commented on (other then in the TechSupport tracker, the roadmap tracker shows all entries to all users) and new items can of course be created. We would also appreciate to hear about something you might already be developing and would be willing to contribute in the future, in this case, you might want to create a new issue in the [Community Change Request Tracker|TRACKER:52]. !!Voting results [{BestIssues trackerId=38 title='Most Popular Roadmap Issues' deniedStatuses='Closed,Resolved'}] \\ \\ [{BestIssues trackerId=27 title='Most Popular Enhancement Requests' deniedStatuses='Closed,Resolved'}]