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[!openameos.png!] %%tabbedSection %%tab-Overview OpenAmeos is the multi-platform/multi-user UML® Modeling Environment with unique support for UML 2.0 Profiles, MDA® based Model Transformation and support for color to visualize semantics. OpenAmeos supports all UML1.x diagram types and is presently in the process of moving towards UML2. MDA based code generation templates are available for Java, C++, C, Ada95, C#. Additional templates and profiles support platforms such as RavenScar or the Java High-Integrity-Platform (HIP). [!desktop_uclassd.png!] OpenAmeos is the open source version of the Ameos UML modeling tool. In early 2007, Aonix decided to release the Ameos source code to the public. Under the terms of the [Ameos open source agreement|WIKIPAGE:2832] , a "clean" open source version of Ameos, called OpenAmeos, has been created to ensure that anyone installing a new version of OpenAmeos will be able to use it freely without encumbrances of any other source contributions. Any company or academic institution who wants to distribute OpenAmeos, is required to also make their changes to the source code freely available to others in order to ensure the continuing open evolution of OpenAmeos. %% %%tab-Information !!General information and FAQs * [PDF Documentation|DIR:2357] ** [Getting Started|CB:/displayDocument/UMLEVAL.pdf?doc_id=2386] ** [Advanced Modeling Concepts|CB:/displayDocument/MODELING.pdf?doc_id=2374] * [Technical FAQs|WIKIPAGE:2829] * [HowTos|WIKIPAGE:5753] * [OpenAmeos Roadmap |WIKIPAGE:2860] %% %%tab-Downloads !!OpenAmeos Downloads OpenAmeos is available as source code, public binary builds and maintenance subscription builds. [{Table |__Public Binaries__|< |[!windows.png!]|[OpenAmeos 11.0 for Windows|https://www.scopeforge.de/cb/displayDocument/OpenAmeos_11_0_0_0_42.exe?doc_id=7104] |[!linux.png!]|[OpenAmeos 10.2 for Linux|https://www.scopeforge.de/cb/displayDocument/LX-10_2_0_0_21_gcc4_1_2.tar.zipbz2?doc_id=94443] |__Documentation__|< |[!note.png!]|[PDF Documentation|https://www.scopeforge.de/cb/proj/doc.do?doc_id=2357] |[!note.png!]|[Ameos Open Source License|WIKIPAGE:2832] |__Source Code__|< |[!source.png!]|[Source Code ZIP files|https://www.scopeforge.de/cb/proj/doc.do?doc_id=2601] |[!svn.png!]|Subversion Repository on [https://www.scopeforge.de/opensource/openameos|https://www.scopeforge.de/opensource/openameos] }] !!New features and Release Notes |11.0|[New Features|http://www.scopeset.de/openameos-11-release/]|[Release Notes|CB:/displayDocument/FixedRequests_11_0_0_0_42.html?doc_id=7105] |10.2|[New Features|http://www.scopeset.de/blog/2010/04/09/openameos-10-2-release/]|[Release Notes|CB:/displayDocument/FixedRequests_10_2_0_0_21.html?doc_id=5787] |10.1|[New Features|WIKIPAGE:6701]|[Release Notes|CB:/displayDocument/FixedRequests_10_1_0_0_26.html?doc_id=5400] |10.0|[New Features|WIKIPAGE:6692]|[Release Notes|CB:/displayDocument/FixedRequests_10000165.html?doc_id=2805] %% %%tab-Support !!!Overview OpenAmeos is maintained by ScopeSET, which was established in 2006 by former Aonix employees, who were key architects of the Ameos product. ScopeSET maintains the technical infrastructure to provide binary distributions and general product support (via this web site). Existing Ameos customers as well as the general community are however encouraged to [provide|WIKIPAGE:4501] customizations or extensions to the product. ScopeSET acts as an integrator in this case in order to maintain the stability and integrity of the code base. \\ \\ !!!Installation support %%information Installation support is provided free of charge by ScopeSET, please [register|CB:/createUser.spr] or login and submit a [new tracker issue|CB:/proj/tracker/submitNew.do?tracker_id=36]. \\ \\__For privacy, any submitted issues and attachments are only visible to your account and the ScopeSET support team.__ %% Further technical information is available in the technical [FAQs|WIKIPAGE:2829] or by [searching|CB:/advancedSearch.sp] this website. \\ \\ !!!Expert support Any support beyond installation is provided by ScopeSET based on annual maintenance subscriptions. These subscriptions include: *Immediate support for critical issues *Telephone/Hotline support 9:00-17:00 MET *Customization and tailoring support *Prompt access to patches, maintenance releases and new feature releases For more information, please contact ScopeSET. Support: \\ [!addresssupport.gif!] General information: \\ [!addressinfo.gif!] %% %%tab-Development !!Community Development * [OpenAmeos community process|WIKIPAGE:4501] * Source Code [ZIPs|DOC:2601] * SVN repository: [https://www.scopeforge.de/opensource/openameos|https://www.scopeforge.de/opensource/openameos] ** anonymous read-only access ** please [contact|WIKIPAGE:2831] ScopeSET for commit access to SVN %% %%