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''__Note: These steps may not be complete yet !__'' !!Prerequisites * Sybase ASE, for installation instructions, see [here|WIKIPAGE:2838] * Qt 3.3.x - at this time, OpenAmeos is based on Qt 3, so you need to have Qt 3 on your machine, we have built Qt like this: {{{./configure -libdir /usr/lib/qt-3.3.4/lib \ -headerdir /usr/lib/qt-3.3.4/include -bindir /usr/lib/qt-3.3.4/bin \ -DQT_NO_CHECK -no-xinerama -no-xft make; make install;}}} * Java JDK >= 1.6 * [ANT|http://ant.apache.org/] >= 1.6 * [JavaCC|https://javacc.dev.java.net/] - ZIP goes as JavaCC.zip into {{{tools/common/javacc}}} * [BCEL|http://jakarta.apache.org/bcel/] - bcel.jar goes into {{{source/java}}} !!Checking out and configuring the environment * check out the code from the SVN repository * adjust paths as necessary in source/editors.src/Config/LINUX86.mm * adjust paths as necessary in archenv.LINUX86 !!Build the code * in a shell type {{{. ./archenv.LINUX86 cd source/editors.src/Config make Makefiles cd ../edit make}}} !!Run the application * copy ToolInfo.LINUX86 into your home directory and adjust any paths (in particular substituting HOMEDIR) * set an env variable ToolInfo to the above ToolInfo file * start msgd in the background * start ameos If something is not working, it might help to check your environment against an env which has been set up by the Linux Installer from one of the Linux [binary distributions|DOC:2300]