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!!Symptom Zooming in GDE does not work when using the Zoom in/Zoom out buttons. !!Solution This is most likely caused by a missing font. The default diagram label font on Linux is URW Nimbus Sans. \\ \\ On openSuse, this font is part of the ghostscript-fonts-std package - which should be installed. Unfortunately, with recent openSuse versions, this is not sufficient. The X-Server seems to run with a default configuration which does not include the path for the URW fonts. Additionally, there is no xorg.conf file installed wheare you could add this path. This can be fixed as follows: *change to runlevel without X (-> telinit 3) *run {{{Xorg -configure}}} this creates an xorg.conf which you should move to /etc/X11/xorg.conf *in this file, add a line to the Fontphats: {{{'FontPath "/usr/share/fonts/URW"'}}} *switch to an X runlevel (i.e. telinit 5) Note: This approach might differ on other distributions.