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Here's how to install Sybase ASE: *Download Sybase ASE Express Edition for Linux from [here|http://www.sybase.com/linuxpromo] check that you have sufficient shared memory configured, the value should be at least \\ {{{kernel.shmmax=268435456}}}(you can check and/or set that with sysctl) *Unpack and run setup according to instructions !!! Installing on newer distributions (openSuse 11, RHEL 5, Ubuntu 8.x, ...) \\ On newer Linux versions such as openSuse 10.2 or higher, RedHat EL 5, etc., the setup/installer will fail to create and start the server. In this case, register an account on [https://login.sybase.com/login/createAccount.do|https://login.sybase.com/login/createAccount.do], proceed to __Support & Downloads -> EBFs/Maintenance__ and search for ''__15682 __''in the EBF # field. Download the patch and run the setup (after having stopped previously running ASE servers). More information (also on different Linux flavors) can be hound here [http://www.peppler.org/FAQ/linux.html#q1.25 |http://www.peppler.org/FAQ/linux.html#q1.25] or at [Sybase|http://certification.sybase.com/ucr/search.do] We have presently installed ASE 15.0.2/EBF15682 successfully on RedHat EnterpriseLinux 5.1 and openSuse 11. Continue with [WIKIPAGE:2839347] and [WIKIPAGE:2840346] !!!Platform specific notes: !RedHat EL 5 *In order to be able to run the graphical ASE installer, you may need to install this package: {{{yum install xorg-x11-deprecated-libs}}} *ASE also requires libstdc++.so.5, install it with {{{yum install compat-libstdc++-33 }}} (or search RHN for libstdc++5)