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!!Contributing code: Any contributions are highly appreciated. If you find something on the [roadmap|TRACKER:38] or the [open enhancement requests|REPORT:4508] we would appreciate if you could create a specific [community change ticket|TRACKER:52] and link it to the originating ECR or roadmap ticket. The same principle applies to any bug-fixes and of course we also appreciate any changes which are not yet logged on the roadmap or elsewhere. Of course, you can also let us know about any ideas, suggestions etc. on the OpenAmeos [Forums|CB:/proj/forum.do?proj_id=8] All code changes you contribute can then be committed using the CCT ID (see below). !!OpenAmeos Issue Trackers: * [Roadmap|TRACKER:38] - high level feature plans * [ScopeSET change request|TRACKER:27] tracker (ECRs) - usually submitted by maintenance customers ** Filtered to show [open enhancement requests|REPORT:4508] only * [Community change tickets|TRACKER:52] (CCTs) (please register to create tickets) - anything the community plans to do !!Getting the code: The OpenAmeos source code can either be downloaded as [ZIP|DIR:2601], or be checked out from the SVN repository [https://www.scopeforge.de/opensource/openameos|https://www.scopeforge.de/opensource/openameos]. !!Building the code: * [Building on Linux|WIKIPAGE:4503] * [Building on Windows] !!Coding styles: * TBD !!Change process: After every binary distribution release, ScopeSET synchronizes any changes for that release (taken from the [ECR Tracker|TRACKER:27] into the public SVN repository. Public changes are optionally synchronized back into the repository for binary distributions. !!Committing code: In order to commit code, please [contact|WIKIPAGE:2831] ScopeSET for write access to the repository. Any commit needs to have a corresponding [community change ticket|TRACKER:52], the commit comments need to look like this: {{{#<ticket-id> <brief-comment>}}} %%warning By committing code to the SVN repository, you implicitly assert, that the intellectual property right on that code is your own and that you are transferring that IP to the project. %%