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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Highest Type: Bug
Found: 9.2.3 Status: Closed Target: 9.2.3+10.0
OS: All Fixed: PatchID: --
Attached is a sybase-system which shows very similar problems to [TASK:3147]. Some nodes gets duplicated in refined state diagrams.

Before you do something in that system, add an advanced query "node" in the desktop. You will see 3 node symbols.

To reproduce the error:
o) Open diagram StateMachine1__1
o) Move the state machine symbol
o) Save the diagram
==> enter a query "node" in the advanced tab; you will see three node symbols which is correct
o) Save the diagram again
==> enter a query "node" in the advanced tab; you will see four node symbols and this is the error

The symbol "State1" appears now with the composite state as scope node and with the statemachine as scope node

So it seems, that saving a diagram twice causes a loss of the correct mepping information of the refined state.
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