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Tracker: ECRs Priority: High Type: Enhancement
Found: -- Status: Closed Target: 9.2.1+10.0
OS: All Fixed:, PatchID: --
In the RTF report there is code which determines whether a diagram should be printed in portrait or landscape orientation. It uses the x and y coordinates of all node_refs in a diagram to calculate the width and height (all done in ct/qrl/include/

This approach is fundamentally flawed because it does not (and cannot from the OMS) consider the size of the symbols. Examples are package diagrams, or a sequence diagram like the attached diagram. The lifelines are much "higher" then the extremes of the node_ref y coordinates in the diagram indicate.

After some discussion, we concluded that it would be best to "internalize" all the calculations which are presently done in into the file_print function QRL function.

It should get 5 new parameters:

Based on the given diagram dimension, it should then decide whether to print the diagram portrait or landsacpe and should also scale it according to the given papersize and margins and the chosen orientation. The calculations in should then be removed.

If inline_caption is true, it should also inline the caption into the diagram (as is done with IdePrintSetting::setShowCaption). There are 2 more issues which need to be fixed for Captions:

Please also consider The diagram box for diagrams in RTF is sometimes too high

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