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Tracker: ECRs Priority: High Type: Bug
Found: 9.1.6 Status: Closed Target: 10.0
OS: Windows XP Fixed: PatchID: --
03/22/06 07:07:33 amueller
There is now an additional checkbox "Delete Auto Locks" in the empty rep
trash dialog, which, if checked
deletes all existing auto locks - provided the user has the necessary rights.
04/12/06 07:56:34 benkel
The only problem I see is that running editors don´t inform the user, that they lost
the lock. As soon as you save the diagram, you will get the lock back, or if the file is
locked by someone else, you will get a message, that you don´t own the lock of this file
and that you therefore can´t save it. You have to use ´save as´ and merge your changes by
hand as soon as you can get the lock for this file.

This is something we should mention in the release notes.
04/18/06 02:36:57 amueller

Uploaded the 9.1.6 patch to the resource center:
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