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Tracker: ECRs Priority: High Type: Bug
Found: 9.1.7 Status: Closed Target: 10.0
OS: All Fixed: PatchID: --
2006-11-14 13:46:06 amueller 1.) Look at the screenshot (AMEOS_OpDescW_V1.0_Bugs.PNG which is from the customer) at the problem marked with "(5)" upper middle part of the picture, The customer does not like those wide buttons. I have no idea why some buttons are wide and some are small. In the rules files all look the same. Please note that I have already fixed it for the two top-"..."-buttons, but the other "...", ">", "v" and ">" buttons should be small too. 2) The bug marked with "(2)" lower right part of the picture. I have no idea how to tell the program where to put the cursor ... But I think it would be enough when the customer sees the front-part of a long text and not the end-part. 3) The bug marked with "(3)" lower left+middle part. There is an auto-linebreak inserted when the end of the edit-area is reached. The customer wants that the widget scrolls horizontally. Maybe there is a

property, but I do not know ... I tried with "{ HorizontalScrollBar 1 }" but this does not help too. The hor. scrollbar is only visible when there is no space in a long line of the text. 4) Another thing can be seen in AMEOS_OpDescW_V1.0_DetailsOnAlignement&Size.PNG. Sometimes the layout is somehow strange. It happens from time to time, I have now idea how to reproduce. It seems like some uninitialized thing in the code? Any ideas? To install this customization, just unzip the zip file to the templates directory. It contains *only* a user-part, so no original file gets overwritten. The rules for the property winodws are in user/uml/rules/LLIuclasst.rules. You can open it, by selecting an operation and then Edit->Liebherr Operation Description.

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Feb 11 2007 16:09
related [ECR-2299] Issues with Liebherr property sheet implementation

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