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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Normal Type: Bug
Found: 9.1.5 Status: Closed Target: 10.0
OS: Windows XP Fixed: PatchID: --
2006-05-27 15:53:12 lippert
Normally, when annotations such like descriptions feature multiple lines, this is preservered in the IMF
file by writing the lines with ASCII \001 characters as delimiter instead of newlines.

The statements "loop(Instances->TokenSet)" expect that delimiter.
However, multiline "Value of Attribute" values are written with verbose newlines instead of using
\001 character.

ACD creates an error (error in semantice interface), when it encounters such a multiline.
I need this functionality for OMOS code generation.
2006-06-29 13:22:55 lippert
While the default value for the object instance attribute is now correctly written
using \01 as a delimiiter, the MAnnotNote annotation is not!


{ MAttribute
Id 9317
GUID UID_4EC14C0B-4FEF-4e3a-825A-FC4D73208D8F
Name attr1
DefaultValue 123 // thats OK now!

{ MAnnotNote
Id 9317
MElementId 9344
Name attr1
Type 1 // this is not OK.

The MAnnotNote still leads to errors at invocation of ACD:
error: Interface-File (MAnnotNote) : Unknown Token 2 !
error: Interface-File (MAnnotNote) : Unknown Token 3 !
2006-06-29 13:39:55 lippert
Ok, my last remark seems related not to "uml2interface.C", but to an
extra run of an OMOS specific "uml2imf.qrl". So maybe this is beyond
the scope of this ECR.

The offending function is in "omos/user/uml/qrl/code_gen/uml2interface_omos.qrl".
I will correct that using the "getLine()"-function.
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