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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Highest Type: Bug
Found: 9.1.5 Status: Closed Target: 9.2.1+10.0
OS: Windows XP Fixed: PatchID: --
2005-12-23 16:16:45 wschroed
If you change a parameter of an operation (for example add a parameter) in the class table, it is not changed in a correspondenting state diagram or sequence diagram.

2006-04-03 12:08:31 amueller

* uml_email, open Send_Message__1, change the send_to_rec message to void:=send_to_rec(u)
(Options, use the ... chooser for the name component)
* then, add a new param s:String to the send_to_rec method in the message class

-> the mesage in usequenced will not be renamed
-> the same happens (or doesn't) if you use send_to_rec(u) on a state transition in Message_1 ustated
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