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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Normal Type: Bug
Found: 10 build 76 Status: Closed Target: 10.0
OS: All Fixed: PatchID: --
2005-06-02 17:00:19 wformann
Assertion failed on Linux
gde: GdeAnnotationPage.C:35: void GdeAnnotationPage::onShow(mapsym_tp*, SimpleMapResult*, oms_file_tp*): Assertion `objid' failed.

Error: Object with id 865987 does not exists on Windows

To reproduce:
o) draw two classes A and B with an association between
o) open the prop sheet of the association, go to the first tab
o) add a roles at the A-side of the association
o) in the selector at the bottom select the role starting from class A
==> Question Dialog: 'Do you want to save ...'
o) press yes, wait*) ... depending on the platform either the error in the message log or a crash of the editor :-(

*) a really good candidate for performance!
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