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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Normal Type: Enhancement
Found: 9.1.5 Status: Closed Target: 9.2.1+10.0
OS: All Fixed: PatchID: --
2005-03-29 16:26:02 amueller

03/22/05 00:17:03 benkel
Customer would like to copy or clone a class member within a class. They have a lot of
very similar attributes. Therefore a clone would be a good starting point.

You can also think of operation overloading. Here a clone of an existing operation
would be a good starting point as well. Instead of entering all the information again,
you just add a parameter.

Don't know how to define the new names for the cloned members. Maybe we can simply add
an underscore or 1,2,3 to the name. Most users don't understand that adding a new name
to the class table creates a new entry in the repository. They see the class table more
like an Excel table. You can add whatever you want, even duplicate attributes and
operation. When you press apply, everything goes into the repository, and duplicate
entries will create error messages.
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Jul 20 2007 13:58
related [ECR-2713] Clone member doesn't work

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