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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Normal Type: Bug
Found: 9.1.5 Status: Closed Target: 10.0
OS: All Fixed: PatchID: --
2004-10-28 14:23:11 customer_gmbh
In contrast to previous releases, baselines do not by default include the src_files subdirectory.
This is an important change that should be clearly documented.
I guess that many users - like myself - rely on the fact that a baseline includes their sources and use this for version control and/or backups. When they find the different behaviour, it may already be too late.

to correct this, define the following in the toolinfo file:


Note that the default setting includes file names that seem to be relevant only for StP/SE
2004-10-28 14:38:44 customer_gmbh
The situation is actually worse than I thought at first because
will NOT include the subdirctories of src_files. Hence the workaround is incomplete.
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