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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Normal Type: Bug
Found: 9.0 build 147 Status: Closed Target: 10.0
OS: All Fixed: PatchID: --
2004-01-09 11:31:25 wformann
To reproduce:
o) open system uml_email
o) in the find window of ameos-desktop search for SymbolType ObjectAnnotation
o) in the Simple Find Results window expand the UmlAssociation tree
o) select annotation a29, which is an annotation file for an association, and do a double click
--> gde starts up, opens the property window (with 4 tabs) as expected, then suddenly the tabs 'Associated Classes' and 'Link' disappear, and only Extensibility & Annotations are left?
2004-01-09 11:45:38 wformann
Same with annotation file a36 which is attached to some generalization.

It does not happen with a35 (select the first entry in the chooser) which is attached to an association holding role names?
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