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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Low Type: Internal
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OS: Windows XP Fixed: -- PatchID: --
Right now we have a bit of a mess on how 3rd-party files are copied. Some are copied by vcproj commands into source/bin etc., some are (only ?) copied by buildcopy.ksh into the Innosetup staging dir.

In Replace Xalan xslt with's libxslt we also had the problem that the

 editbin -nologo -rebase:base=0x20000000 "..\bin\W32NTX86\Release\*.dll" 
 editbin -nologo -release -bind "..\bin\W32NTX86\Release\*.dll" "..\bin\W32NTX86\Release\*.exe" 
commands at the end of the build corrupted the libxml2 files (this is temporarily fixed by copying the files again in buildcopy.ksh)

The objective should be that a vcproj build leaves a functioning build in source/bin (including all required 3rd-party files) and that files are not copied redundantly.

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