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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Normal Type: Bug
Found: 9.2.2 Status: Closed Target: 9.4+10.1
OS: Solaris Fixed:, PatchID: --
A customer reports, that parsing an XMI File on Solaris generates the following Messages:
Message : Parsing XMI and generating DDL file '/usr/usr/APOS_GSM/work/OpenAmeos/Test-XMI/revc_files/re.ddl'...
Error : XPathParserException: Could not find function: XslQuot()
Error : pattern = 'string( XslQuot($stereotype-value))'(/usr/usr/APOS_GSM/work/OpenAmeos/Test-XMI/revc_files/temp.xsl, 125, 126)
Error : Remaining tokens: ( 'XslQuot' '(' '$' 'stereotype-value' ')' ')') (/usr/usr/APOS_GSM/work/OpenAmeos/Test-XMI/revc_files/temp.xsl, line 125, column 126)
Error : Cannot create DDL File '/usr/usr/APOS_GSM/work/OpenAmeos/Test-XMI/revc_files/re.ddl', exiting!

Since I don't have a Solaris box, I just tried it on SuSe and got similar error messages.

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