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The online help implies that it is possible to create default print settings per editor type. I also remember that this has worked at some point in the past (maybe years ago ...).

In the Page Setup dialog, Named Settings tab, press the Help button, then click to the "creating a named print setting" link. Quote from that page: "To create an editor default print setting for a specific diagram or table, follow the procedure that follows, but save the setting with the name editor."

I did not manage to get this to work however, i.e., in a model with some class diagrams:

-> my expectation would be that the previously saved print setting is now loaded automatically -> but it isn't, Include Caption is active

It's also unclear weather the setting needs to be stored as diagram or as system setting. (storing it as "editor" either way doesn't make a difference).

I think this needs to be debugged to understand what's going on. Possibly, we should also improve the overall dialog. Print settings should either be per diagram/file or per diagram-type/editor - both in the scope of the system.

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