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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Normal Type: Bug
Found: 9.3.5/9.4 Status: Closed Target: 9.4+10.1
OS: Windows XP Fixed:, PatchID: --
Starting with 9.3.5 there are buffer overrun errors in release builds when dumping or loading Sybase database dumps.


I think these errors are related to "big note descriptions". If I load the baseline from Link not available [TASK:4024] in 9.4 debug, even if I don't get the buffer overrun errors, some notes (I'm pretty sure the big ones with HTML note descriptions) are obviously not correctly loaded. (if I dump the repository out again and compare it with the original dump in the baseline, there is an obvious difference in the size of the notes descriptions).

This particular problem is solved by setting a TI variable sybbcp_textsize to something like 800000. (see Link not available [TASK:1307], info: Fatal error: memory allocation failed. and 7451).

Setting sybbcp_textsize in the debug build causes everything to run smoothly (dump-out is identical with dump-in).

However: Setting sybbcp_textsize in 9.4 release still produces the buffer overrun error ! It does however apparently load correctly ((dump-out is also identical with dump-in). I'm waiting for confirmation of this is also the case @Bosch.

Now the big question is: Why does the error not appear in 9.3 but in 9.3.5 ? I have a feeling that bcp somehow messes up memory, even if it appears to run ok with a big enough sybbcp_textsize and that for some reason, 9.3 did not "care" about that, wile 9.3.5 and higher does.

Note that this happens both with a Sybase 12.5 and 15 client in my environment.

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