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Tracker: ECRs Priority: High Type: Enhancement
Found: -- Status: Closed Target: 9.4+10.1
OS: Windows XP Fixed:, PatchID: --
Whenever we have a crash at a customer site which we cannot reproduce, a lot of manual effort is involved to get proper crash dumps from the customer.

We need to improve this.

1) All builds we ship should contain enough information for meaningful crash dumps. Question: Is the DbgInfo_Release target fully sufficient for this ? If so, does this target in any way perform slower or does it have any other constraints (apart from the binary sizes which is irrelevant). If this is not the case, we should move the relevant settings into the Release target and get rid of DbgInfo_Release.

2) All required additional files from the "new kind" of build need to be automatically archived for later debugging

3) If a crash occurs in any Ameos binary, there should always be a crash handler we control ourselves. There were too many situations where depending on registry settings etc. things happened differently. The gold-plated solution would be a dialog which allows to mail a crash dump (just like many other apps have), the minimum solution is a dialog which tells the user where exactly the crash dump is located in his filesystem and what he should do with it.

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