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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Low Type: Enhancement
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This is sort of related to Cannot recreate a deleted association and Cannot rename elements into an element which already exists in an unreferenced state. (A ---<> B, A ---- C) (A ---<> C)

-> the link will change to an Association link

Users with no understanding of Ameos internals are frequently confused by this.

I don't have an answer on how to best "solve" this, but we have to improve this behavior for usability reasons.

Even if this would be inconsistent with the behavior for node symbols, one could argue that if a link has no more reference it is essentially deleted and a newly created link should not "revert" to the unreferenced link. This is in a way what has been implemented in 2699. Maybe we need to extend that.

Ivan, please provide some ideas on how we could best do that.

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