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Tracker: ECRs Priority: High Type: Enhancement
Found: -- Status: Closed Target: 10.1
OS: All Fixed: PatchID: --
The objective is to write a TDL which creates a QRL parser from a metamodel using the base functionality provided in Export QDom API and simple XML parsing to QRL.

The input metamodel for the specific exercise is Link not available [], the relevant elements which need to be parsed from the XML stream are listed in Link not available [SimDB-Modeling-Integration.odt], Appendix C. (similar as in the SDE project, we may need to extract the class diagrams which are relevant for the parser generation into a new model)

An example XML stream as exported by the Astrium SimDB can be found here: Link not available [XML] and Link not available [XSD]

A manual parser for a previous version of the XML was implemented in Import data from an XML stream into OpenAmeos, templates/uml/rules/qrl/mdve_xml_reader.qrl, this interface shall be kept as much as possible, otherwise, mdve_xml_reader.qrl and/or the functions which call it, should be adapted.

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