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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Normal Type: Enhancement
Found: -- Status: Closed Target: 9.3.5+10.1
OS: All Fixed:, PatchID: --
For SysML diagram it is often necessary to create many parts which have the same size. Presently, this can only be done by manual scaling.

The idea here is to provide either a special "cursor" or some other functionality which allows to set the size of many selected or individually clicked part (or other manual scale) symbols to the size of another symbol.

I have no perfect idea yet how this could be done, one example would be to have an "apply size" pointer/cursor in the palette, where the user would first select the "source symbol" (the one with the desired size), then the cursor would change shape and every subsequent click on a symbol would scale it to the initially selected dimension.

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Sep 19 2008 13:04
related [ECR-3228] Rescaling a package horizontally resizes it vertically Clone size does not work correct for Packages: the height of cloned Package decreases by 1. The reason is the same as in [#3228].

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