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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Highest Type: Bug
Found: -- Status: Closed Target: 9.4+10.1
OS: Windows XP Fixed:, PatchID: --
Creating a subsystem baseline typically freezes the desktop in a way that any progress messages do not appear in the message log until part of the command is actually over. If for instance the MM semantic check takes a couple of minutes on big models, the user tends to think that the application crashed.

To observe this, take this baseline and create a subsystem baseline (i.e. Nec.Nec_MD.Nec_SCI_SciDriver).

Insert some trace messages into errorInAssignmentGraph (see the attached modified file). The effect which can be observed is that the messages may get to a point

error: errorInAssignmentGraph loop link UMLContains 06/05/08 18:10:59
then the entire desktop freezes for some minutes and then the rest of the messages is flushed out
error: errorInAssignmentGraph loop statemachines 06/05/08 18:11:19
error: errorInAssignmentGraph isAcyclic 06/05/08 18:11:19

Clearly the timespan between 18:10:59 and the next message at 18:11:19 is much shorter than the "freeze".

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