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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Normal Type: Enhancement
Found: -- Status: Closed Target: 9.3+10.1
OS: All Fixed:, PatchID: --
Provide a ToolTipFunc rule for node, link and cntx objects in GDE. In order to specify the mapping which is used to determine the currently active (-> mouse over) OMS object, (whose id needs to be passed into the func) I propose the to use the same principle as the for Navigation rule:
NodeSymbol Object
    { ToolTip
        { UseMappings (ObjectMapping) }
        { ToolTipFunc getObjectDescription }
The UseMappings rule could only specify one mapping (not many in a list).
string getObjectDescription( int oms_id )

The returned string should then be displayed as regular tooltip in the canvas.

Another approach would be to use the variable substitution as used for DisplayMarks:

{ StringMarkFunc "uml_state_machine_protocol_dmark(0${});" 
} But I have no idea how is determined if there is more than one mapping.
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Jun 18 2008 08:54
related [ECR-3180] Add tooltips to OMOS class editor