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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Normal Type: Bug
Found: -- Status: Closed Target: 9.5+10.3
OS: Windows Vista Fixed:, PatchID: --
info: Performing batch update on 10 files.
error: Update Appartement Bath Bed Kitchen LeavingRoom Office Room Saloon SleepingRoom SleepingRoom_clone_1  failed.

We're getting this both as a normal (non-admin) user as well as with an Admin user *and* UAC turned off.

What happens is that SysDoPendingUpdates uses a RunSystemExecute - which eventually breaks down into a CreateProcess API call in tufork.C:532. It seems this API call fails - althiugh the return code is 1 ?!

Note that you can't debug this directly from within devstudio. What we usually do is to insert an

__asm int 3
where we want to break the first time. That causes an exception which allows you too attach the debugger and then start step ...
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