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Tracker: ECRs Priority: Normal Type: Enhancement
Found: 10 build 102 Status: Built Target: 11.0
OS: All Fixed: PatchID: --
Customer wants to map Association-Constraints to repository

To draw such a beast: Select two Associations, Menu UML … Create Xor Association

Mapping is done in two ways:
1.) That Xor-Association is mapped to a link of type UmlAssociationConstraint, the from_node is the UmlAssociation with the smaller guid, the two_node is the UmlAssociation with the higher guid.

2.) A note of type UmlAssociationConstraintNote is attached to the link UmlAssociationConstraint which hold two items, of type UmlAssociationConstraintId1 and UmlAssociationConstraintId2, the value-field of those items holds the guid of the UmlAssociation, again UmlAssociationConstraintId1 holds the smaller guid

smaller/higher guid is used to be independent from the drawing order, simple because that constraint has no direction. The drawing order can matter, when the customer draws the same elements in a second diagram (see diagram diag2 in the attached example, here the drawing order is different to the one in diagram diag).

Known problems:
* reflexive associations
==> UML does not define which role is the constrainted one, the only way to tell is the common class. No idea how to fix
* link between two associations which do not have a common class on both ends
==> The diagram is wrong, that case is not defined in UML
* global rename
==> the "{xor}" label is fixed, but we allow to remame it to something like "{donald}" which may confuse. Not sure if this renaming is a bug or a feature?

There is a prop. sheet for this element, so you can set a color. You can also add stereotypes and tagged values and a description like any other element.

Minimal migration of existing diagrams: Diagrams with this element need to be opened and saved. No more action is needed.
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