OpenAmeos Changelog
Date: 13.08.08

9.3 Changelog

ID Type Title
1805 Enhancement Provide "completion" tooltips for table cells
2751 Enhancement Need a ToolTip rule for every UI element
2876 Enhancement Create mouseover effect for active symbols
2933 Enhancement Provide structuring in dynamic view of the desktop
2973 Enhancement Export QDom API and simple XML parsing to QRL
3030 Enhancement Text property sheet control should optionally render HTML
3058 Enhancement New Interfaces Chapter in HTML Report
3114 Enhancement Provide a ToolTip func for symbols in the GDE canvas
3119 Enhancement Handle stuck msgd connections
3121 Enhancement Provide a script to rename diagram files in a batch
3172 Enhancement Distribute MFC71.DLL with Installer
3176 Enhancement Navigate from message in error log (desktop and gde) to online help
3252 Enhancement Improved Ada95 templates and profile
1634 Bug Scrolling while a link is attached to the cursor does not update the canvas
2637 Bug Allow spaces in filenames of baseline files
2638 Bug Swimlanes have gray background after copy&paste to MS-Word
2699 Bug Cannot recreate a deleted association
2887 Bug Support blanks in path names of OpenAmeos installation directory
2889 Bug Messages in ucollaborationd don't move with orthogonal object links
2925 Bug Ameos.exe crashes when dragging items is started.
3061 Bug Help pops up when resizing a property sheet in the right lower corner
3106 Bug Copy Operation to Class clones Annotation Files in target class
3124 Bug Moving a class from one package to another does not reparent it correctly
3145 Bug Change class clone to explicit command "Paste as clone"
3168 Bug Html Report does not list Stereotypes from Profile definitions on Index pages
3170 Bug ddl2uml fails to parse DDL generated from XMI
3181 Bug OMS Error when moving a message symbol in ucollaborationd
3190 Bug OMS Errors when creating a HTML report due to single quotes in activity states
3198 Bug GDE crashes during zoom events

9.2.3 Changelog

ID Type Title
2653 Enhancement Provide a dashed gray line from roles to their parent association while they are moved
2761 Enhancement Prop sheets should be closed with the Esc key
2839 Enhancement Chosen color should be displayed as color and not only as hex string
2850 Enhancement MSGD TCP port should be configurable
2950 Enhancement Add TI-variable sybbcp_textsize as a comment to the ToolInfo template files
2955 Enhancement Provide a script to export all diagrams to SVG or PNG
2792 Bug Copy diagram into source system has to create a new GUID for the file object
2875 Bug Actor symbol in collaboration diagram is not printed
2923 Bug Better support for reflexive navigable associations
2964 Bug Wrong scaling of class symbols
2984 Bug Multiplicity on reflexive Associations get lost
2986 Bug Copy/Move Class Members does not behave correctly if Class Table is locked
3003 Bug Function pointer arguments cannot be entered into the class table anymore
3007 Bug Create/Restore Baseline does not work on Linux
3048 Bug TDL Code Generation can be started more than once
3085 Bug GDE crashes when modifying member without signature
3098 Bug Scriptman doesn't refresh externals correctly

9.2.2 Changelog

ID Type Title
1651 Enhancement filter in choose class symbol name should remember the the last entry
2220 Enhancement Scrolling of property sheets
2793 Enhancement Provide a Solaris Build
2924 Enhancement Avoid flashing in class chooser, remember last filter
1712 Bug Crash in state diagram
2134 Bug flat diagrams are always placed on the bottom of svg pictures
2163 Bug move to class and copy to class does not work with attributes
2195 Bug stereotypes of transitions get lost
2295 Bug Operation rename fails if class name and signature are changed
2316 Bug Improve error message for missing class for object in ACD
2323 Bug Various issues with RTF diagram export
2651 Bug The diagram box for diagrams in RTF is sometimes too high
2822 Bug dprint does not properly rescale diagrams which have been saved on a different platform
2823 Bug Disable right click What's This menu on dialog buttons
2865 Bug Crash (Assertion failed) during migration
2868 Bug Migration/Rebuild of a huge system is far to slow
2921 Bug GlobalDelete removed too many operations from the table

9.2.1 Changelog

ID Type Title
1413 Enhancement Copy/Move members between classes
1798 Enhancement Raven Templates Improvements
1914 Enhancement Copy/Clone Class Members within a Class
2229 Enhancement Maintenance script for Ameos systems (delete locks, empty rep trash, report space, create baseline)
2304 Enhancement Tooltip help in scriptmanager should pop up automatically
2305 Enhancement Provide icon tooltips in the desktop
2319 Enhancement Provide an XP look&feel file open dialog
2559 Enhancement Speed up copying operations and attributes
2562 Enhancement Support for SVG in IE7 and Firefox 2.x (native SVG)
2569 Enhancement Speed up display marks
2581 Enhancement Desktop ClassCommand ObjectsFunc needs to prevent sort
2589 Enhancement Empty tagged value should optionally not default to True value in IMF
2617 Enhancement Support for inheritance in profile editor
2622 Enhancement Add lines to the navigation menu
2644 Enhancement Provide "Diagram Description" command in the diagram context menu
2652 Enhancement Improve automatic orientation and scaling of diagrams in the RTF report
2668 Enhancement Provide additional information in the desktop tree browser
2749 Enhancement Choice lists don't scroll to a pre-selected item in case it is invisble
2800 Enhancement Provide functionality to clone entire classes
2827 Enhancement Simple readable and diffable class report
2891 Enhancement msvcp60.dll is missing from the installer archive
1608 Bug install directory with special characters
1870 Bug Umlaut Characters make some elements in the svg diagrams invisible
1917 Bug Missing Short Cuts for Copy/Paste in Class Tables
2109 Bug Document View > HTML Files does not show anything on Solaris
2179 Bug symbol name chooser 'Filter' does not work as expected
2214 Bug color of aggregations gets lost
2215 Bug Copy ... to Class does not work complete
2282 Bug OMS Errors when opening a diagram
2302 Bug Wrong directory for diagram export
2306 Bug Warnings when copying an attribute to another class
2325 Bug Bug in Migration looses notes
2344 Bug change of operations are not visible in sequence- and state diagrams
2383 Bug Copy Attribute - Paste: Attribute does not have annotations
2472 Bug Various problems when copying attributes & operations to different classes
2497 Bug Severe symbol scaling issues in RTF and HTML report
2512 Bug namespaces are lost if you use the 'choose xxxxnames' dialog
2535 Bug Cntx Symbol moves with every open of the diagram
2536 Bug GDE crashes after apply in select members to display dialog
2556 Bug Duplicate class table caused by rename
2564 Bug Error shows up when creating RTF Report
2601 Bug Name chooser for "object-like" symbols is broken
2621 Bug Strange characters in syntax error messages
2624 Bug cannot set colors for class symbols
2646 Bug Caption of landscape diagrams in RTF always appears on the next page
2661 Bug Cannot delete more than x diagram files at once
2690 Bug stdout2msgd seems to hang on Linux
2698 Bug Backslashes in note symbols get more and more
2701 Bug Attributes with array dimensions are destroyed during migration
2709 Bug Collaboration Diagram: clicked message takes name of message with opened 'properties'-tab
2723 Bug Refined action states with blanks are not nested properly in the desktop's dynamic view tree
2724 Bug Delete key doesn't set undo stack properly
2752 Bug Rename does not work properly for cloned operations (version 10 and 9.2).
2782 Bug Fill type for attribute type puts chosen type twice into class table
2795 Bug ameosutil crashes with too long projdir/system/diagrame name when copying files
2814 Bug Association table is not created properly in RTF report
2824 Bug Do not start desktop and gde maximized by default
2844 Bug Remove unnecessary space above and below SVG diagrams in the HTML report
2855 Bug Internal error #5 when restoring/migrating 9.1.6 baseline
2857 Bug Copying members is too slow
2858 Bug Show members to display is too slow.
2862 Bug Disable cut & copy commands for class members in uclassd
2866 Bug Show server space reports incorrect values with Sybase 15
2867 Bug Navigability display mark is not refreshed after association link move
2874 Bug HTML and RTF report should respect the order of class members