Changelog for OpenAmeos

Enhancements (14)

8710Replace additional gif files in svg reports by inline data11.
8692automagic line break for label in note symbols11.
8589Add means to archive additional files to a subsystem baseline11.
8586Use QCoreApplication instead of QApplication for batch programms11.
8571suboptimal check for writeable database11.
8544Open file C:\Ameos11.0/templates/ct/oms/sql/.rules for parsing failed11.
8520The order of elements in the code generation shall be stable10.
8506User env. variable USERNAME when connecting to ODBC11.
8503Usability Enhancements in Sequence Diagram Properties10.
8501Busy Cursor while creating a Baseline10.
8481Improve Performance of loading subsystems11.
8466Size of the buttons in the toolbar is larger than it was before11.
8178Qt4 port11.
7885SQL Server 2008 / ODBC port11.

Bugfixes (29)

8838Modeling of Actions in State Transition Diagrams fails11.
8741Distribution does not contain ACD metamodel docs11.
8722Elements not assigned to any subsystem get locked during subsystem import11.
8709Textual display marks in svg files are cut off when on the right border11.
8708Labels of Note symbols with many lines are too condensed in height, too much free space at the bottom11.
8705Canceling printing on windows causes crash of dprint.exe11.
8596AE_update_system.qrl does not update the top-level subsystem11.
8595Updating locked subsystems with AE-Modelmanagement11.
8590UAC Messages in Version 1111.
8570Umlauts are not supported for ODBC Repositories11.
8563Crash of Class Diagram Editor for Sybase Repositories11.
8545Port performance changes & prop.sheet issues to 1111.
8502gde wants to save Properties even nothing was changed11.
8465The two buttons for Orthogonal Arcs and Splines shall not be exclusive11.
8464Duplicate symbols in gde's symbol toolbar11.
8462Errors in ECORE code generator11.
8451oms_dbport seems to have no effect11.
8450Error Messages when running Empty Repository Trash11.
8446System Users Sub Menu is not greyed out for SQLite Repository Type11.
8445Recover System Repository generates bcp Errors when Repository Type is ODBC11.
8443Restore SQLite baselie to ODBC fails11.
8436Missing sqlserver.rules file11.
8392Cannot recover repository11.
8391Message log dialog does not change the tab content for Message/Error/All11.
8388Baseline export and import11.
8387Cannot destroy ODBC system11.
8379Both spline and orthogonal arc buttons selectable11.
8365Standard Toolbar disappears from the Desktop11.
8363Crash of Class Diagram Editor11.

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