Changelog for OpenAmeos

Enhancements (13)

5381Saving association property sheets takes too long10.
5354Navigable SVGs in Wiki export, support for JSPWiki versioning10.
5317Editing the Label of a State Transition Link can destroy the Format of the string10.
5296Add support for EOperation in the Ecore templates10.
5279Remove dots in merge.exe output10.
5226XMI 2.1 UML2 v3.0.0 export template for Eclipse Galileo10.
5225Support for ENums in the Ecore template10.
4800Alphabetical sort guards and actions in the choosers for messages in sequence diagram10.
4778Add profiles to ACD metamodel10.
4775Fix/improve information in HTML reports about composition associations of UML class models10.
4774Fix Ecore templates to support enumerations10.
4614Support for SQLite repositories10.
3428Support for unicode10.

Bugfixes (8)

5409gde crash with error code -107374181910.
5319Sometimes a port label is displayed outside although its position is set to inside10.
5310Copy Diagram will crash the desktop if the target system is not specified10.
5302Composition is rendered on wrong association end10.
4854Cannot restore baseline if installation path include blanks10.
4836Sybase client installtion needs to be optional on Linux10.
4831Installer doesn't set msgd_host from installer screen when installing as non-priviledged user10.
4787Operation with nameless parameters cannot be parsed.

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