Changelog for OpenAmeos

Enhancements (38)

4543msgd does not support host names with dots10.
4508Create JSP Wiki pages from class model10.
4474Allow OpenAmeos to be installed without admin privileges on XP10.
4099Disable manual port drawing on parts (ports can only be inserted via autodrawing) / definition based port handling10.
4098"Current Symbol options" should be possible for a multiple selection of elements10.
4065Improve creation of ports based on class definition10.
4058Need to report SQLConfigDataSource error code10.
4057Add INPUT, OUTPUT and IO stereotypes to UmlPort in standard UML profile10.
3663Group ports during autodrawing based on their stereotype10.
3656DisplayMark to indicate available connectors10.
3640Provide NavToAmeosByUniqueID interface10.
3634Export profile information to TDL10.
3617Scripts to dump and load sybase database backups10.
3611Zoom in and out with the mouse-wheel when the ctrl button is pressed10.
3461Resacling of symbol takes way too long10.
3451Avoid or improve (unnecessary) allocation of drawing surfaces10.
3424Display IN/OUT stereotypes as < > DisplayMark on port symbol and in tree10.
3296Support blanks in path names of OpenAmeos installation directory10.
3278Handle (graphics) out-of-memory/out-of-ressources situations in a more controlled way10.
3277Provide improved crash handler10.
3266GDE needs to prevent editing locked symbols and diagrams10.
3237Generate a QRL based XML parser from a set of metamodel class diagrams10.
3227Provide a chooser for stereotypes10.
3224Provide a "clone size" drawing functionality10.
3216Provide a composite structure tree in the desktop10.
3195Performance of port symbol insert10.
3194Slow performance when moving parts or ports with many connectors10.
3193Note symbol is missing from profile editor10.
3183Improve GDE redraw event handling10.
3176Navigate from message in error log (desktop and gde) to online help10.
3114Provide a ToolTip func for symbols in the GDE canvas10.
3109Full autodrawing capability for composite structure diagram10.
3088Order of classes in the assoc prop sheet should reflect the horizontal order of the associated classes in the diagram10.
3080Autodraw should consider existing classes10.
3030Text property sheet control should optionally render HTML10.
2788Improved color management for nested/stacked symbols (z-order for symbols)
2684Ports shall not be drawn overlapping on a symbols's border10.
2681Container symbols should not get selected when the compartment is clicked10.

Bugfixes (44)

4566When loading update protocol PortInstance and PortUsage is created, but PortDef is skipped10.
4562XMI Import fails on Solaris and Linux10.
4552Order of MPart generation is wrong10.
4551Avoid crash when traying to parse syntactically incorrect XML10.
4534Descriptions and attribute default values are missing in XMI import10.
4527Automatic page orientation is calculated incorrectly10.
4507Format file argument required for non-ASCII targets error if format file is specified in the script manager10.
4486Select Class Members to Display will crash GDE10.
4091Duplicate UmlPort node in model, caused by autodrawing10.
4087Systems on network shares don't work10.
4033Buffer overrun detected during sybase bcp operation10.
4032Path blank regression in system_maintenance/main.qrl10.
4001Renaming classes to a name including a blank or removing a blank10.
3990removing a message in sequence diagram does not always remove its timeline10.
3989renaming a "reentrant message" causes "return messages" to be unnecessarily renamed, too10.
3988Cannot set Sybase password with a . (dot) character10.
3985Sequence diagram lifeline problem10.
3984Magically different UI style10.
3983Roll back the change to open the class prop sheet when double clickin a member in the canvas10.
3654Relative port label position is sometimes wrong10.
3635Crash of ngoae when importing a subsystem on Linux10.
3587Syntax error in Semantic check10.0
3586When printing a table in HTML-Format, the HTML-output file is corrupted10.0
3585Migration fails with "Failed to enable locking."10.0
3471file id in .sub_sys_info is wrong10.
3468Uclassd autodraw overlaps classes10.
3466'From' name is identical with 'to' name when renaming class Abc to abc (class table file needs to exist)
3439Differences in usequenced semantic check diagram/global10.
3398Prevent endless loop for inheritance cylcle in profile definition10.
3375SVG Export does not colorize links correctly10.
3369Set to default value in TDL scriptman sets wrong path if acd_output_dir is not set10.
3340Object symbol cannot be visually differentiated from class symbol in ucomposited10.
3339Allow Dependency links from and to object symbols in ucomposited10.
3337Error when opening dialog "Choose PassiveObject Symbol Name..." in Communication Editor10.
3281Show help command in message log needs to be inactive if there's no help10.
3275Draw action states to MS-Word scales symbols too small10.
3228Rescaling a package horizontally resizes it vertically10.
3215Copy&paste of objects and parts does not create new instances10.
3164Desktop message log output is not flushed in realtime during ModelManagement commands10.
3124Moving a class from one package to another does not reparent it correctly10.
3103GDE landscape printing is broken10.
3061Help pops up when resizing a property sheet in the right lower corner10.
2252Auto Draw creates new classes for dependencies to Attributes10.
1439jumping diagrams10.

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