Changelog for OpenAmeos

Enhancements (57)

1382Recover System Repository: Cannot specify size10.
1402Description-templates do not work in the annotation tab10.
1413Copy/Move members between classes10.0
1471order of attributes in class diagrams10.
1682Add frame symbols as diagrams containers (
1687Add container symbol to sequence diagram (7.2.8)
1690Drag&Drop from desktop elements to GDE (7.9.1)
1693Add a tree browser for profile definitions (7.4.1)
1805Provide "completion" tooltips for table cells10.
1863provide new uml 2.0 icons for links and symbols10.
1914Copy/Clone Class Members within a Class10.0
1938Access members tab for a specific class member faster10.
1977We should avoid negated toolinfo variables10.
2011customer needs user defined folders for 'create new systems'
2020Support statemachines for operations in the ACD metamodel10.
2077Structured classes can be abstract, should be reflected by italic label font10.
2159Introduce a fixed snap grid on a symbol's border when drawing ports10.
2208Allow movement of GDE symbols by cursos keys10.0
2247Provide generic linking between symbols and diagrams10.
2304Tooltip help in scriptmanager should pop up automatically10.0
2305Provide icon tooltips in the desktop10.0
2312User needs to be able to modify the position of link labels in the diagram10.0
2333Need a way to undo the import of a subsystem baseline10.
2334No refined activity diagrams and states in the html report10.
2349Meta information for HTML report10.
2354new class members should be invisible per default10.
2359Select Repository Type window is mistakeable10.
2388change no_automatic_compacting to automatic_compacting10.
2532Allow recursive nesting of parts10.
2559Speed up copying operations and attributes10.
2562Support for SVG in IE7 and Firefox 2.x (native SVG)10.0
2569Speed up display marks10.0
2570Default setting for parts should be manual scale smaller10.
2589Empty tagged value should optionally not default to True value in IMF10.0
2590Add nodes, links and cntxs as contained elements to MFile10.
2593Provide "Select Ports to Display" Dialog, GOR dependency between Class Port and Part Port10.
2617Support for inheritance in profile editor10.0
2644Provide "Diagram Description" command in the diagram context menu10.0
2652Improve automatic orientation and scaling of diagrams in the RTF report10.
2653Provide a dashed gray line from roles to their parent association while they are moved10.
2668Provide additional information in the desktop tree browser10.0
2675Choose names dialog for objects, parts, ports and connectors should be the same as for classes10.
2678Improve performance of creating ports10.
2679Moving symbols with cursor keys is very CPU hungry and slow10.
2749Choice lists don't scroll to a pre-selected item in case it is invisble10.0
2800Provide functionality to clone entire classes10.0
2839Chosen color should be displayed as color and not only as hex string10.0
2850MSGD TCP port should be configurable10.0
2876Create mouseover effect for active symbols10.
2950Add TI-variable sybbcp_textsize as a comment to the ToolInfo template files10.0
2955Provide a script to export all diagrams to SVG or PNG10.
2973Export QDom API and simple XML parsing to QRL10.
3121Provide a script to rename diagram files in a batch10.
3162Allow generalization link between template classes10.
3197Esc key in the canvas should deselect any symbol selections10.
3218Support for C# code generation10.
3226Support for Ecore generation from class diagrams10.

Bugfixes (156)

1380Navigating from Simple Find window / Object annotation opens only a criplet property window10.
1385RTF Report shall *only* report classes which are referenced in a diagram10.
1386HTML Report shall *only* report classes which are referenced in a diagram10.
1399Inconsistency between Extensibility tab & semantic check in profile editor10.
1403Cannot copy and paste a signature10.0
1407colors with copy & paste10.
1408colour and RTF reports10.
1415Ameos needs the admin password to open a system10.0
1475property sheet: read-only fields10.
1525Various errors in HTML report when used in "Update" mode10.
1526No abstract usecases?
1532Renaming Enumerations shall rename the type of Attributes of Stereotypes10.
1613Orthoginal links do not appear orthogonal in SVG10.0
1615there is no basic check for a system in 'Recover System Repository'
1634Scrolling while a link is attached to the cursor does not update the canvas10.
1644Set to Default Value does not change output file extension10.
1679Default value for Suppress_Display_Marks in HTML Report has redundant value10.
1703Diagram does not show the signature as entered in the properties10.
1706Baselines do not include src_files directory10.
1707TI Variable baseline_include must be seperated with10.
1791rename System does not work with - in the systemname10.
1795Problem exporting uclassd with Required Interface link in RTF format10.
1828Meaning of "EXT_LIBS_QUOTE" must be swapped10.
1834Package and frame symbol tab rectangle is not rescaled when it gets smaller10.
1847Some code generation menus missing in static tree view10.
1854Problems when resizing classes with ports10.
1891page numbers in rtf report are out of range10.
1900Navigations from class in uclassd are gone, only in ucomposited10.
1917Missing Short Cuts for Copy/Paste in Class Tables10.0
1930Problems with choosing the directory for "New System..."
1931Wrong directory when package hierarchy is more than one level deep10.
1932Error in class chooser code10.
2013profile file is empty10.
2016Errors when defining end names for object links10.
2023Crash when opening Properties for a message in ucommunicated10.
2048Wrong navigation for ToState10.0
2050Assertion failed when adding roles and switching to a role in the selector of the prop. sheet10.
2051Display errors for members of template classes10.
2076Error when invoking predecessor guard or name component button on messages10.
2078Cannot navigate to FireFox 1.0.4 from HTML view10.
2084Navigation to browser for HTML reports doesn't work on Unix10.
2158Fix GOR dependencies between ucomposited and uclassd10.
2160Label of port cannot be adjusted10.
2161Change positioning of stereotype display mark, adjust multiplicity offset on ports10.
2169expand the messagelog maximum messages to five or six digits10.0
2179symbol name chooser 'Filter' does not work as expected10.0
2215Copy ... to Class does not work complete10.
2302Wrong directory for diagram export10.0
2306Warnings when copying an attribute to another class10.0
2308When moving a connector vertex, the port "jumps"
2310Cursor key symbol and link vertex point moving needs to consider grid10.
2311Grid alignment of symbols differs based on symbol size10.
2313When opening a diagram, orthogonal links either move or loose vertex points10.
2315Unlabeled classes and ports, messed up symbols10.
2325Bug in Migration looses notes10.0
2329Double-clicking on association deactivates role text fields10.
2331No confirmation dialog for delete member systemwide10.
2336model management - diagrams are opened with the wrong editor10.
2339Editor crashes after clicking apply twice when changing role names10.
2341different guards and events for the same state tansition link10.
2344change of operations are not visible in sequence- and state diagrams10.
2348Information section makes no sense for diagrams in HTML report10.
2351XMI file crashes ameos10.
2357dont allow '.' (dots) as first character for diagram files10.
2361Choose .... names dialog should show not only the names in the current diagram10.
2362Ctrl+Tab shortcut for Choose... Names does not work10.
2367sort order of class members in diagram is different to sort order in classtable10.
2370Multiline value of attributes not correctly written to IMF file10.
2372Synchronization bars (split and merge) are not printed correctly10.
2373Error: Interface-File (MAttribute): Unknown Token + ! because of blanks10.
2379Attempt to use uninitialized variable thisrename.dependency_name10.
2380Descriptions in Word format cannot be saved when containing double quotes10.
2381Multiline Value of Attribute corrupts annotation file10.
2382Diagrams in landscape get truncated10.
2383Copy Attribute - Paste: Attribute does not have annotations10.
2386can't create new systems in folders other than project folder10.
2387Gde crash when quit is canceled10.
2390Disable entire prop sheet while a save is in progress10.
2395Sysdestroy doesn't consider dump_dir created by migration10.", line 25: list_get called with index out of range 0 on GOR with nary association10.
2404Labels of Links are moved automatically to other links in class diagrams10.
2406GDE crash when accidentally trying to remove cell named Operations in the class table10.
2407Move class members up and down will mess up the class table10.
2410Empty boxes for operations in class diagram10.
2411Style sheet in object description breaks HTML code after edit10.
2415Adding an operation with signature and return type10.
2417Roles show up at the wrong association end when classes are renamed10.
2418Size in Current Symbol Options is filled with a lot of trailing blanks10.
2419Shapes of Junction Point and Dynamic Joice are too small10.
2420Template classes don't show up in the Model Management View10.
2421Issues with Liebherr property sheet implementation10.
2423Moving a member destroys order of members in target class10.
2497Severe symbol scaling issues in RTF and HTML report10.0
2512namespaces are lost if you use the 'choose xxxxnames' dialog10.0
2515multiple problems with blanks in operations and attributes10.
2516we should delete automatic locks with 'empty repository trash'
2517newlines before and after spaces do not work with global rename10.
2535Cntx Symbol moves with every open of the diagram10.0
2536GDE crashes after apply in select members to display dialog10.0
2544Hide/Show for parameterizes Class draws members outside10.
2560Empty rep trash doesn't delete state tables without an UmlState10.
2568Message "Deployment Diagram ..." is shown in message log when navigation from the Seq-diagram to a Communication Diagram10.
2612Remove ports from class and component editor10.
2621Strange characters in syntax error messages10.0
2646Caption of landscape diagrams in RTF always appears on the next page10.0
2647Width and Height of classes in current symbol options is disabled in ucomposited10.
2661Cannot delete more than x diagram files at once10.
2680Port gets disconnected from symbol and connector when moving opposite port10.
2682Entries appear twice in class chooser when filter is specified10.
2687Rename of a class used as connector type doesn't rename the connector(s)
2690stdout2msgd seems to hang on Linux10.
2698Backslashes in note symbols get more and more10.0
2701Attributes with array dimensions are destroyed during migration10.
2709Collaboration Diagram: clicked message takes name of message with opened 'properties'-tab10.0
2723Refined action states with blanks are not nested properly in the desktop's dynamic view tree10.0
2724Delete key doesn't set undo stack properly10.0
2752Rename does not work properly for cloned operations (version 10 and 9.2).10.0
2780Improve orthogonal snapping of vertex points with port connectors10.
2782Fill type for attribute type puts chosen type twice into class table10.0
2792Copy diagram into source system has to create a new GUID for the file object10.0
2795ameosutil crashes with too long projdir/system/diagrame name when copying files10.0
2814Association table is not created properly in RTF report10.0
2844Remove unnecessary space above and below SVG diagrams in the HTML report10.0
2855Internal error #5 when restoring/migrating 9.1.6 baseline10.0
2857Copying members is too slow10.0
2858Show members to display is too slow.10.0
2862Disable cut & copy commands for class members in uclassd10.0
2866Show server space reports incorrect values with Sybase 1510.0
2867Navigability display mark is not refreshed after association link move10.0
2874HTML and RTF report should respect the order of class members10.0
2875Actor symbol in collaboration diagram is not printed10.0
2884Select ports to display is too slow10.
2902Interface-File (MLinkEnd) : cannot find corresponding MObject ID "34872" in semantical interface format10.
2903Select state members to display doesn't rescale state properly10.
2923Better support for reflexive navigable associations10.
2925Ameos.exe crashes when dragging items is started.
2957A new operation is automatically renamed as soon as an operation with the same name already exists for the class10.
2984Multiplicity on reflexive Associations get lost10.0
2986Copy/Move Class Members does not behave correctly if Class Table is locked10.0
3003Function pointer arguments cannot be entered into the class table anymore10.0
3006Select event doesn't fire for list with one element only10.
3041Port cannot be moved from one part to another10.
3048TDL Code Generation can be started more than once10.0
3072bcp in fails with 0 byte files10.0
3087Navigability and aggregation is displayed incorrectly in prop sheet10.
3094Transition in activity diagram always gets a "[NULL]" Postcondition10.
3098Scriptman doesn't refresh externals correctly10.0
3107Cloning classes duplicates annotations10.
3124Moving a class from one package to another does not reparent it correctly10.
3145Change class clone to explicit command "Paste as clone"
3151usequenced: PropertySheetShow: Could not find property sheet named ChooseClassName10.
3160Duplicate State symbol nodes when moving symbol in a refined state diagram10.
3168Html Report does not list Stereotypes from Profile definitions on Index pages10.
3198GDE crashes during zoom events10.
3208Port snaps to the wrong part if parts are nested or rendered very close together10.
3265Linux GDE crashes when dragging illegal symbol from desktop tree browser10.

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